NYE Menu - Amaretto Sour

For many, the Amaretto Sour brings to mind the worst a bad cocktail has to offer: cloyingly sweet almond-flavored liqueur, fluorescent-yellow pre-made sour mix, and a bright red maraschino cherry the likes of which mother nature never intended. 

If this describes your experience of an Amaretto Sour, for fuck’s sake quit ordering those kinds of drinks at that kind of bar!  When made right – with fresh lemon juice, top-shelf Amaretto, and a hearty slug of cask-strength bourbon, all whipped together with fresh egg white – the Amaretto Sour is a sublime combination of sweet, boozy, citrusy, and frothy. 

The Amaretto Sour recipe we use at The Sawbuck is based on Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s over-the-top version of the drink – take the time to read about Jeffrey’s hardly-humble take on this classic cocktail and to introduce yourself to one of our all-time-favorite bartender heroes here