The Sawbuck Party Requirements

We get a lot of questions about how our parties work - and here is The Sawbuck manifesto that breaks it down for you. If you have questions - here is the place to start!

1. The event must be invite-only. The Sawbuck loves an open party, but it’s only an option if we partner with an establishment that has a liquor license. Otherwise your event will have to be closed to the public.

2. The event must be hosted — guests cannot be charged for drinks or admission. The Sawbuck and our TAM-carded mixologists are not allowed to sell drinks or handle money — we can only prepare and serve alcohol that has been generously provided by the host.

3. All alcohol must be purchased by the host. We can pick it up and mix it up, but you’ll have to purchase it.  We know who has the best deals on liquor around town and we’ll give you a detailed list of prices and quantities of all the alcohol you’ll need for your event. We’ll even pick it up from the store for you.

-The Sawbuck

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